Committee Chairs
AQS Book Orders                    Cathy Westphal                            

Block of the Month                   Jan Herdrich

Community Quilts                    Carol Sue MacDonald                                                  Katherine Eaton, Sue Donahue

Guild Publicity                          Connie Oliver

Historian                                   Carol Sue MacDonald Hospitality                                 Carol Sue MacDonald                                                   Arlene Herring, Sue Donahue

Meeting Room Access              Arlene Herring, Carol Sue MacDonald Membership                             Joyce LaRossa
Membership Block                    Lois Ellils
Mini Workshops                        Clairelyse Touchon
NCQC Rep                               Janet Reichgut
Name Tags                                Jo-Ann Piacentine
Newsletter Editor                      Barbara Fernandes
Opportunity Quilt 2017             Vera Nelson
Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sales  Y. Spencer, C. Touchon Parliamentarian                         Pat Neu

Programs                                 Vera Nelson                              
Quilt Show 2016                       Julie Wall, Pat Drouin Raffle                                        Nancy Stigelmayer
Scholarship Committee            Sue Donahue, Pat Drouin,                                                   Nancy Rouppet Sunshine                                   Joan Wright
Website                                    Michael Reichgut Workshops                               Vera Nelson

2015-16 and 2016-17 Officers

Board Members & Committee Chairs

(Guild number 209-625-9790)

Meetings at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 1540 W Lodi Ave, Lodi, CA
   •   TokayQuilt@gmail.com 

Stitch 'n Quilt Guild

Quilters stitch

things together !


Many hands make the work load lighter ...

and easier.

Board Members

President                Lois Ellis
Vice President        Susie Faul

      aided by Christina Gibb

      (NCQC Field Trip Chair)
Treasurer                Joan Jordan
Secretary                Beth Abinanti

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