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Custom Longarm Quilting

Debra Coleman • Lodi, CA



 Longarm Quilters

Meetings at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 1540 W Lodi Ave, Lodi, CA
   •   TokayQuilt@gmail.com 

Stitch 'n Quilt Guild


Stockton Sew/Vac & Quilting Center

2626 West Lane, #100

Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 466-3011


• Heidi is a border-to-border quilter.

• Her longarm is computerized and she

  does do some freehand patterns.

• She does not overquilt, or use metallic or

  heavy threads.

• She does have a wide selection of

  colored threads from which to choose.

• Her prices start at $0.0133/sq. in. and

  goes up with tighter patterns.