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President's UFO Challenge

If you were at the July meeting, you know about the
UFO Challenge for this year. The way it works is: On the form (click to get the form), list up to 9 projects you have started and not yet completed. You keep a copy and give me a copy. The #1 listing will be your first UFO to work on.

At each meeting a number will be drawn to determine the next project to work on. It will be due at the next meeting. This cycle will continue until six projects have been selected. Everyone who brings their completed project will have their name entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of the guild year. This is your chance to have some fun, get a few projects in the completed pile, and just maybe win a prize. If you have questions, you can email me at: lhellis211@gmail.com.

If you do a Google search for UFO challenges you will find plenty of information to explain how they work. I have elected to go for one UFO every other month. Maybe, in the future, we can step up our game and go for one every month. I am really looking forward to seeing how much we can accomplish.

Keep calm and say, Hello September. This is advice I really need.

I have a granddaughter being married over Labor Day weekend. She's really a nice girl, but right now, her inner bridezilla has begun to show.

I've finished the ring bearer pillow. My sister is here with the bridal quilt. It features heart outlines in the wedding color scheme. The quilt is beautiful and it is so nice to have my sister here.

I'm cutting this really short due to schedule overload. This evening it's off to see the bridal gown in her dress rehearsal.

Take time to give a thought to everyone in the devastated flood areas in Texas and Louisiana.

See you at the meeting - -  remember, guests are always welcome.

Lois Ellis

2016-2018 President



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